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[efax-users] Re: Can't send fax as USER

Hi Rolf

On Wed, 2003-05-28 at 21:36, Rolf Pedersen wrote:
> - snip -
> > # chown -R fax.fax /var/spool/fax 
> > chown: `fax.fax': invalid user 
> > # chown -R fax:fax /var/spool/fax 
> > chown: `fax:fax': invalid user
> > 
> > Could not proceed further 
> I suspect this is because the group fax does not exist.  You could add 
> groups with groupadd or, probably, the RH gui program.  What I am 
> thinking is that the important part is a consistency between 
> permissions, the files/directories used by efax, and the groups USER 
> belongs to, whatever they are.

>From Konqueror I found


right click /fax

Properties for fax - Konqueror --> Permissions

Access permissions
User and Group
"Show Entries", "Write Entries" and "Enter" -- All checked

User : root
Group : uucp
> - snip -
> As I recall, one of the problems was with the lock file.  This makes me 
> wonder if USER is a member of the lock group and whether that would 
> matter.

Yes, you are correct.  When faxing as USER, a lock file created


then it hangs there.  This is the cause and I could solve this problem