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Re: [efax-users] False-negative return codes?


It's hard to say without looking at the log, but it's possible
that the remote fax machine, knowing it was the last page and
that it had been correctly received, simply hung up without
confirming correct reception.

The standard 'fax' script released with efax only resends those
pages that failed, it doesn't resend all of the pages.  You can
look at the fax script to see how it's done.

I'd also drop the retry limit to something less than 7.  The
standard 'fax' script only retries twice and waits 5 minutes
between each retry (see FAILRETRIES).

> Is there any reason wby, or known problem with, efax returning failed
> after a successful call?
> At work we have a simple fax-gateway setup which queues faxes in a
> database and sends them out w/ efax.  If a number is busy, or fails,
> we'll keep trying a set number of times (In this case, 5).  Our
> application faxes two 7 page documents to a client, and our fax gateway
> reported all 10 attempts (5 calls each, * 2 documents) as failed, but
> our client insists he received the same 7 pages ten times.  We asked if
> we could do a simple test w/ him, but he was very upset and refused - so
> we can't actually verify the problem.
> We've been using this fax gateway for nearly a year (about 150-200 faxes
> a day) but have yet to see this problem.
>  - James Morton
>    (Please CC my on reply - I'm not subscribed)

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