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[efax-users] False-negative return codes?

Is there any reason wby, or known problem with, efax returning failed
after a successful call?

At work we have a simple fax-gateway setup which queues faxes in a
database and sends them out w/ efax.  If a number is busy, or fails,
we'll keep trying a set number of times (In this case, 5).  Our
application faxes two 7 page documents to a client, and our fax gateway
reported all 10 attempts (5 calls each, * 2 documents) as failed, but
our client insists he received the same 7 pages ten times.  We asked if
we could do a simple test w/ him, but he was very upset and refused - so
we can't actually verify the problem.

We've been using this fax gateway for nearly a year (about 150-200 faxes
a day) but have yet to see this problem.

 - James Morton
   (Please CC my on reply - I'm not subscribed)