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[efax-users] Re: False-negative return codes?

Unfortunately I've been discarding everything other than return codes,
so I don't have the offending log.  Your explanation sounds very
plausible though - that's almost definitely the problem.  I did notice
that the fax took 8.5 minutes to fail (So it definitely wasn't a busy

I'm saving all logs now, so hopefully it'll be easier to narrow down
this sort of thing in the future...:)

Thanks for the 'fax' script tip, I was reading through it and there
seems to be quite a few things I could be doing better.

- James

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> Hi,
> It's hard to say without looking at the log, but it's 
> possible that the remote fax machine, knowing it was the last 
> page and that it had been correctly received, simply hung up 
> without confirming correct reception.
> The standard 'fax' script released with efax only resends 
> those pages that failed, it doesn't resend all of the pages.  
> You can look at the fax script to see how it's done.
> I'd also drop the retry limit to something less than 7.  The 
> standard 'fax' script only retries twice and waits 5 minutes 
> between each retry (see FAILRETRIES).
> > Is there any reason wby, or known problem with, efax 
> returning failed 
> > after a successful call?
> > 
> > At work we have a simple fax-gateway setup which queues faxes in a 
> > database and sends them out w/ efax.  If a number is busy, 
> or fails, 
> > we'll keep trying a set number of times (In this case, 5).  Our 
> > application faxes two 7 page documents to a client, and our fax 
> > gateway reported all 10 attempts (5 calls each, * 2 documents) as 
> > failed, but our client insists he received the same 7 pages 
> ten times.  
> > We asked if we could do a simple test w/ him, but he was very upset 
> > and refused - so we can't actually verify the problem.
> > 
> > We've been using this fax gateway for nearly a year (about 150-200 
> > faxes a day) but have yet to see this problem.
> > 
> >  - James Morton
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