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[efax-users] Re: False-negative return codes?

Really?  Hmm, yeah if you don't mind it might be
interesting...especially now that I'm saving logs.  If you ever have the
spare time, let me know a good time to test:)

Do you by any chance have a "fax angel" device (I'm not sure exactly
what it's called, but I've heard it referred to as that before...A
device that listens on the phoneline and automatically decides whether
to route a phone call to a fax machine or a telephone..)?

Apparently our client had one.

 - James

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> From: Jeffrey Goldberg [mailto:jeffrey@xxxxxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 6:46 PM
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> Cc: James L. Morton
> Subject: Re: [efax-users] False-negative return codes?
> On Tue, 20 Aug 2002, James L. Morton wrote:
> > Is there any reason wby, or known problem with, efax 
> returning failed 
> > after a successful call?
> I know that I experience this problem as a recipient.  I end 
> up with three copies of all junk faxes, and often ten copies 
> of other faxes.
> > [...] We asked if we could do a simple test w/ him, but he was very 
> > upset and refused - so we can't actually verify the problem.
> If you are willing to call southern California, you are free 
> to test with
> me:  1-909-780-6973
> -j
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