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[efax-users] Re: Can't send fax as USER

Stephen Liu wrote:
> Hi all folks,
> RH 8.0
> KDE 3.0.3.-8.3
> efax-0.9a001114a7-1
> Faxing only works as ROOT but fails as USER
> ===========================================
> I can fax by using "Send a Fax" as ROOT only.  It works on CUPS and
> LPRng as welll
> B.Regards
> Stephen Liu

FWIW,  I had to become root to fax until I made a small change (Mandrake 
9.1, efax-0.9a-1mdk).  What I did, IIRC, was to chown -R fax.fax 
/var/spool/fax and add the user to the fax group.