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Re: [efax-users] How can I fax using a prepaid calling card?

For occasional use you can set up the call manually and use the option 
'-m' instead of the phone number.

If you want to do this automatically, the following entry from the 
(unpublished) FAQ might help:

Q: is it possible to send some DTMF tones after the connection
has been established? Is it possible to define the pause/wait

I'm facing to a problem, when we dial a fax machine with efax
which is "behind" an IVR/PBX with extension number collection.
The scenario would look like:

         1. I dial the number A, IVR/PBX pickes up the line

         2. after some waitings [configurable] I send the
         extension B [which can be some digits long]

         3. IVR/PBX collects those digits and switches the call to
         the right fax extension

         4. fax transmission starts....

My problem is that when I dial the number, there is no way to
wait a bit and send the extension number.

A: This can be done by using special characters in the dial string.

For most modems, a ',' in the dial string makes the modem pause
for 2 seconds.  For example, if A=555-1234 and B=123 and you need
a 4-second pause, then dialing the number "555-1234,,123" would
do what you need.  The pause time can be changed, typically in
0.1s increments, by setting an S-register.

Check your modem's 'AT' command reference for more details.

If you need to wait for a second dial tone you can use 'W' in the 
appropriate place in the dial string.

Ed Casas  edc@xxxxxxx   http://www.cce.com

Paul Novak wrote:
> I'd like to use efax to send a fax using a prepaid calling card to dial
> the receiving fax machine.  This prepaid calling card works where
> I call a local number, wait for answer and listen to a short recorded
> message, and then dial the real number I want to call followed by
> a '#'.
> I have a Hayes external Sportster modem that accepts all of AT commands.
> I think I just don't know how to use them correctly :-)
> Could someone tell me if and how I can use efax to correctly dial the fax number
> using a prepaid calling card as described above?
> Walt.
> efax@xxxxxxxxxxx
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