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[efax-users] Faxes printing too big

I have efax-0.9 setup to answer calls on a Multitech modem and print
everything received straight to a laser printer.

Generally, it has been working fine.  However, the output from certain
sending fax machines always shows up as too large.  The fonts appear to
be twice as tall as they should be, the second half of the page is never
visible because the printer runs off the end of the page, etc.

It seemed to me like this might be a problem where efax converts from
the fax format to Postscript.  I tried to upgrade to efax-0.9a but I
encountered all sorts of problems with that so I downgraded back to 0.9
and am back where I started.

Does anyone have any ideas on why certain fax machines aren't working
right with this setup?  When a "regular" fax machine is connected to
receive those faxes they come across fine.