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[efax-users] Re: flow control did not work

New physical server, different kernel (2.4.19-ac4 vs 2.2.17-21mdk) and
Debian instead of Mandrake.  Basically the same hardware (Same modem
(Perle PCI RAS-4), both x86).  I'm not using the Debian eFax packages - I
hand compiled from source (0.9 stable).

Actually, one thing that may be significant - On the old server, under
2.2.17, I was using a driver supplied by Perle.  Under 2.4.19, I'm using
the standard Linux serial driver.  Perle says the serial driver in 2.4 has
full support for the card, and they do not offer a 2.4-series driver.

I've since noticed that most all problems go away if I force Class 1
(Though the modem definitely supports Class 2, and is autodetected as
Class 2).  Under Class 1, about 1 in 10 fax machines get errors like this:

efax: 28:52 command  "+FRH=3"
efax: 28:52 waiting 3.0 s
efax: 28:52 .928 [<CR><LF>ERROR<CR><LF>]
efax: 28:52 response "ERROR"
efax: 28:52 Error: wrong response to receive-frame command
efax: 28:53 done, returning 3 (invalid modem response)

If that rings any bells w/ anyone, or anyone is interested, I can post a
more complete verbose log output.

>> 	I recently installed a new fax server.  I've been using the
> old
>> one for about 2 years with not too many problems.  The new server is
>> pretty much the same w/ eFax 0.9 (Stable) and the same 4-port fax
> modem
>> (V2.200-V90_2M_DLS ROCKWELL AC/K56).
> What do you mean by "new fax server" ?  New daemon, new hardware, new
> distribution, new kernel ?
> Bleck
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