Instructions for the Preparation and Submission of Camera-Ready Manuscripts for CWIT 2001

The purpose of these instructions is to help authors produce professional-looking camera-ready manuscripts for the Proceedings of the 2001 Canadian Workshop on Information Theory.We encourage you to follow these instructions carefully.

Page Layout Instructions

Camera-ready manuscripts must be submitted in a two-column format on letter size paper (8.5 inches by 11 inches).Margins of 0.75 inches on all sides are required, leaving an allowed printing area of 7.0 inches by 9.5 inches.Please do NOT number pages or include any other markings in the margins of your manuscript.

The appearance of the paper should emulate as closely as possible the style of papers that appear in the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.Please refer to that publication for an indication of appropriate styles for the title, headings and subheadings, equations, figures, references, etc. The font sizes should NOT be smaller than 10 pt.

The affiliation given for the authors should include sufficient information to allow interested parties to contact the authors.It is strongly recommended that email addresses, in addition to mailing addresses, be provided.

If absolutely necessary, and only if the final manuscript is submitted in hard copy, figures and/or tables may be neatly pasted into the manuscript. Hard copies should be provided with laser print quality.


Final manuscripts are to be at most four pages in length, although up to two additional pages will be published if an overlength charge of $CAN 200 per additional page accompanies the workshop registration fee.Papers will be truncated at four pages if overlength charges are not forwarded with the authorís registration.

Electronic Format

It is highly recommended that final manuscripts be submitted in electronic form.Electronic submission in PDF, PostScript, or Microsoft Word format is encouraged.


Please submit electronic versions of manuscripts to Ivan Fair at

If you must submit a hard copy of your manuscript, please forward it to Ivan Fair at:

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

238 Civil/Electrical Building

University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

Canada, T6G 2G7

Faxed versions of final manuscripts will not be accepted.

Submission Deadline

Final manuscripts must be received by April 16, 2001.(Note that this deadline has been extended from the date given on the original Call for Papers.)This is a firm deadline so as to enable timely printing of the proceedings.Manuscripts received after this deadline will not appear in the workshop Proceedings.

Co-Requisite Registration

At least one author of each paper is required to register for the workshop in order for the paper to appear in the workshop Proceedings.This registration must also be received by April 16, 2001.Instructions for registration, along with the registration form, appear elsewhere on this web site.