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SOLVED: efax, USB modems, and 64-bit Linux

CentOS v. 5.4, Intel x86_64 installation, US Robotics USB faxmodem.The
version of efax distributed by CentOS (a 64-bit compile of efax v.
0.9--the latest stable version) will not communicate with the USB modem

Efax v. 0.9 is known to have difficulties with USB modems (as well as
Winmodems/Linmodems) so Ed Casas suggested I try the development
version, 0.9a.  It was known to work better with USB modems.

It compiled fine in the 64 bit environment, and installed, but produced
a segmentation fault when it tried to send a fax. There is a problem in
the translation to 64 bits.

After a bit of thrashing around, Ed discovered a patch Debian had
applied to their power pc version, and suggested I try it in my case.
I downloaded it, applied the patch, and voila!  No more crashes!

If you want to use efax on a 64 bit machine, it looks like this is the
way to do it.