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Re: [efax-users] faxmodem not communicating

On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 04:13:17PM -0500, Ed Fix wrote:
> I have just installed efax on a new CentOS Linux machine, and have a US
> Robotics USB modem connected (I used a winmodem before, but decided that
> was too much work for the new, 64-bit machine).  efax seems to work, but
> the modems are not communicating.  The other machine answered, and the
> fax and my modem seem to be communicating, but then everything stops.
> Using the old winmodem, I have successfully communicated with this
> machine before.  I don't know enough about fax protocols to figure out
> what's happening, but here's the log of a failed attempt to fax a doc.
> Any help appreciated.

> efax: 15:51 response "OK"
> efax: 15:51 Warning: bit-reversed HDLC frame, reversing bit order
> efax: 15:51 received 16 bytes:
> efax: 15:51  ff c0 04 00 00 6a aa aa 00 11 09 01 fa 00 a8 8a

looks like efax is not 64bit clean or assumes wrong bit order or whatever.
The modems are communicating perfectly in ASCII.

Did not look at the sources recently, maybe you can find some bit-order or
size-fiddling defines to adjust and recompile