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[efax-users] Problem to use lpr command under Ubuntu Feisty Server

Hi all,
I have a problem to set eFax as a printer under Linux Ubuntu Feisty Server. We have installed eFax from Ubuntu deposit, it is set and working well with the efax commands (can send and receive fax). But nothing happens when we try it as a printer locally on the server with the following command:
lpr -P fax -J "fax_number" fax-file-to-send.ps
Nothing is going out and we may see the fax onto the printer spooler status using:
lpq -Pfax
Results is:
Printer: fax@server-name
 Queue: no printable jobs in queue
 Server: no server active
 Status: job 'login-name@server-name+231' saved at 10:15:48.919
 Rank   Owner/ID               Pr/Class Job Files                 Size Time
done  login-name@server-name+231       A   231 fax-number          213577 10:15:48
We have no errors into logs files.
This are our config file for printers, we have only eFax used as a printer:
For /etc/printcap
So any idea?
Thank you all,
(sorry for my poor english)

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