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Re: [efax-users] Auto answer

Richard Zidlicky wrote:
On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 12:19:11AM -0700, Bob Estes wrote:
I'm trying to set up efax in PCLinux to automatically answer an incoming fax independently of who is logged on or even if no one is logged on. If I understand the documentation correctly, adding the following line to the /etc/inittab file should do that:

         s1:45:respawn:/bin/sh /usr/bin/fax answer

:45: works for levels 4 and 5, 4 beeing undefined in many systems
and 5 X11/xdm. You want at least runlevel 3 in addition to that,
maybe even 2.

So fax:2345:respawn:/bin/sh /usr/bin/fax answer
should be closer to what you need.

  man inittab
might help more.


Thanks Richard. "fax:2345:respawn:/bin/sh /usr/bin/fax answer" did'nt help any. What is "man inittab"? I am new to any form of Linux.