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Re: [efax-users] efax, /dev/modem and TIFF files

Jim Reddeck wrote:
> Hello all, I understand these issues may not be related to efax, but 
> it's a start.
> Using Mandrake 10.2 with kernel 2.6.x.
> Using xsane .97 with Brother DCP7020 multifunction - seems to work fine
> Using Intel 536ep internal PCI data fax modem - works fine  via Kppp 
> to connect online  and I can browse no problem. lsmod indicates Intel 
> 536 module is loaded
> Now I would like to use fax which I believe is a CL interface for 
> efax. I think I am having  several problems - when using fax send 
> command as root I receive:
> error 1. Can't open serial port /dev/modem (this is an internal PCI 
> hdwr modem - no serial port involved - Kppp modem device set to 
> /dev/modem)
> This error is at random and I am not able to duplicate it regularly.  
> Even though I have the modem installed and Kppp configured, I DO NOT 
> use this setup for internet use as I have broadband via LAN via DSL 
> modem for that.
> As to error #1 -
> Is it possible that Kppp locks this modem and won't release it for  
> use by other apps until reboot?
> How can I tell efax to find, locate, and use  the modem? (efax manual 
> says it defaults to /dev/modem, but not to enter the /dev portion -  I 
> believe it is setup that way)
> error 2. /usr/bin/efix: Fri Feb 23 23:40:39 2007 Error: can't read 
> multi-strip TIFF files
> /usr/bin/efix: 40:39 Error: missing offset to TIFF data
> can't read file Auth300907_signed.tiff.001
> I use xsane to scan into TIFF format, but apparently efax needs G3 
> compression which xsane only does in lineart mode (which I guess the 
> BrotherDCP does not support). xsane scans to a variety of jpeg, png or 
> TIFF formats in  8 or 16 bit with or without compression. Really don't 
> understand it all.
> I am occasionally able to send postscript files when I am not having 
> problem #1. Maybe I should concentrate on #1 first?
> Any help appreciated
> Thank you

A pci modem uses a serial port.

See /etc/fax.config about locking and links.  I would set the DEV= to 
whatever /dev/ttyS? is the port the modem uses.  You can
ln -s /dev/ttyS? /dev/modem
but it might avoid problems to not use a link.
You can set your fax id in this file, also, which is a legal 
requirement, btw. 

On the scanned images, how about composing a document in OpenOffice with 
inserted graphics and printing to a postscript file, then faxing that?

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