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Re: [efax-users] Receiving faxes to multiple printers

Hi Sean,

Since the fax script just sources the configuration files you
should be able to put something like:

case $DEV in
        ttyR1) PRCMD='lpr -PPrinter1' ;;
        ttyR2) PRCMD='lpr -PPrinter2' ;;

in /etc/efax.rc

> Hello,
> I currently have efax setup to answer on two separate modems and print
> all incoming faxes.  Right now both modems end up printing to the same
> printer but I need to be able to specify a unique printer for each
> inbound line.
> Right now this is what I have in /etc/efax.rc:
> FROM='1 xxx xxx xxxx'
> PRCMD='lpr -PPrinter2'
> DEV="ttyR1"
> and I have this in /etc/inittab:
> R1:345:respawn:/bin/bash /usr/bin/fax DEV=ttyR1 answer
> R2:345:respawn:/bin/bash /usr/bin/fax DEV=ttyR2 FROM='1\ yyy\ yyy-yyyy' NOTIFY='$FAX\ PRCMD=lpr\ print\ $OPT\ $FILES' answer 
> Both modems are answering and printer faxes properly, but currently they
> are all going to "Printer2" as specified in efax.rc.  I have tried a
> number of variations on the line for R2 to override the printer but none
> of them have been successful in overriding the PRCMD in /etc/efax.rc.
> Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?  Is there currently any way
> to specify a per-device config file?
> Thanks very much.
> Sean

Ed Casas  edc@xxxxxxx   http://www.cce.com