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Re: [efax-users] Faxing from Xsane


Unfortunately, I don't know how Xsane interfaces with fax
software (i.e. what it does with what you put in the text boxes).
It doesn't seem to be described in the man page or in the on-line

If you find out (perhaps by looking at the source code), let me
know.  It's quite possible that the xsane configuration is not
flexible enough to allow use with efax.

> In trying to fax from 'Xsane' I replaced 'sendfax' with 'efax -t' in the Preferences > Setup > >Fax > Command Box.
> The driver simply did not respond!
> Has anyone any ideas as to what should be written in the Command Box.
> Thank you in anticipation.
> Malcolm Candlish. 

Ed Casas  edc@xxxxxxx   http://www.cce.com