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Re: [efax-users] efax to www.efax.com problem


Standard faxes are bi-level ("black-and-white").  The software
used to convert Postscript to fax ("G.3") format (in this case
Ghostscript) must convert the gray-scale images to a 2-level
bitmap at 200x100 or 200x200 dpi.

You can use any TIFF file viewer or editor (e.g. GIMP) to preview
the TIFF file being sent.  If the fax script is properly
configured you can also use the "fax view" command.

The error message indicates that perhaps something is wrong with
the TIFF file. Perhaps Postcript encountered an error during the
conversion process.

> I converted a html file to postscript then to tiff g3
> format and sent it using efax on linux to an fax
> machine(the free version) provided by www.efax.com. 
> The page is received fine except for the buttons that
> were in the original html file. 
> At the receiving end, it is pure black for the half of
> the page where the buttons start on the original html
> file.
> I am unable to debug whether problem is with efax or
> the efax.com fax software.
> I tried sending other documents which don't have
> buttons and they are received fine.
> Do some fax machines are capable of receiving only
> b/w documents? My suspicion is that it is unable to
> receive grayscale images. I could be totally wrong
> as i don't know the fax protocol.
> I also get a warning from efax program saying 
> that return to EOF before RTC
> thanks in advance for any help

Ed Casas  edc@xxxxxxx   http://www.cce.com