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[efax-users] fax error

I installed the efax development release and installed it correctly, using a
Robotics 56k modem. I can send faxes without any problem. I start efax with
#efax -d /dev/cua1 -w -iS0=2 2>&1 >> fax.log
When I receive a fax, I get the following error:
 efax: 40:03 waiting for activity
 efax: 40:03 activity detected
 efax: 40:25 fax call answered
 efax: 40:25 remote ID -> "                    "
 efax: 40:25 session 196lpi 14.4kbps 8.5"/215mm 11"/A4 1D    -     -  0ms
 efax: 40:56 Warning: 1784 reception errors
 efax: 40:56 received 1784 lines, 1784 errors
 efax: 41:12 Error: timed out after waiting
 efax: 41:14 done, returning 3 (invalid modem response)

does anyone know where might lie the problem? any advice is welkcome..