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possible efax name change

j2 Global, a company that provides a fax-to-e-mail forwarding
service called 'efax', recently threatened to sue me unless I
entered into a concurrent-use agreement or sold them the
trademark rights to the name 'efax'.

I am negotiating a trademark assignment agreement with conditions
that would help to ensure an orderly transition to a new name.

In particular, j2 Global would agree that there is no
infringement of their trademarks when the name 'efax' is used:

	".1 to provide notice to third parties that the software
	previously distributed under the name 'efax' is now
	distributed under a different name ... and that eFax(R)
	is a trademark of j2 Global Communications, Inc.,

	".2 to redirect existing Web links that include the term
	"efax" in connection with the Software to the URL
	actually used ... to market the Software following the
	Effective Date, or

	".3 in the names of files distributed with, or installed
	by, the Software, but only for backwards compatibility

If such an agreement can be negotiated, there would be a new
release of the software under the new name.  The makefile
'install' target would create a symbolic link from /usr/bin/efax
to the new binary to support software that assumes the existence
of an 'efax' binary.

The efax-related web pages would be redirected to a new site and
an explanation of the name change would be added to the

I am requesting comments from package maintainers, developers of
related software, and others who might be affected by such a name


Ed Casas  edc@xxxxxxx