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efax version 0.9 released

I have uploaded efax version 0.9 to metalab.unc.edu.  This is a a
program that lets you send and receive faxes using any fax modem.
The changes from the previous version are described in the README
file that is appended below.



This is the README file for version 0.9 of efax, a small ANSI
C/POSIX program that sends and receives faxes using any fax modem
(Class 1, 2 or 2.0).

efax is smaller and easier to install than HylaFAX or
mgetty+sendfax.  As one user put it ``EFAX is a nice simple
program for single user systems.''

The ``fax'' command, a shell script, lets you send, receive, view
and print faxes.  In larger systems, faxes can be sent by
printing to a ``fax'' printer and received faxes can be e-mailed
as MIME attachments to an administrator for distribution.  efax
can also pass incoming data calls to a getty program.

The efax package includes ``efix,'' a program to convert between
various image file formats.  To fax Postscript files you will
need Ghostscript.  To view faxes you can use any program that
displays PGM files (e.g. xloadimage or xv).  efix can convert
received files to Postscript or HP Laserjet formats for printing.

This version of the program was written & tested under Linux 2.0.
Previous versions have been compiled and used under most versions
of Unix and should work with minor changes on any Unix with an
ANSI C compiler and libraries that include select(2) and

efax is distributed as a gzip'ed tar file, efax-0.9.tar.gz.  It
may be obtained by anonymous FTP from metalab.unc.edu in

	    Changes from version 0.8a to version 0.9

- fixed bad (0x0 pixel) file output on new glibc systems

- fixed bad file output on 64-bit systems

- automatic selection of baud rate and class

- hardware flow control made optional

- modernized directory and file names

- many bugs removed, others added


The efax distribution should contain the following files:

README         - this file
COPYING        - the GNU General Public License
Makefile       - makefile to make all/install/clean
efax.c         - program to send and receive faxes
efix.c         - program to convert between file formats 
efaxmsg.{h,c}  - functions to print errors, warnings, etc
efaxlib.{h,c}  - functions common to efax and efix 
efaxio.{h,c}   - low-level modem i/o functions
efaxos.{h,c}   - OS-dependent functions
fax.1          - man page for fax(1)
efax.1         - man page for efax(1)
efix.1         - man page for efix(1)
fax            - a (Bourne) shell script to create, send, 
                 receive, view and print faxes.

Edit the makefile and change the compile command and destination
directories if required.

Type "make" to compile the efax and efix binaries.  

Edit the configuration information at the beginning of the
``fax'' script according to the comments.

Type "make install" to install the fax script, the binaries and
the man pages.

Read the fax(1) man page first for information on using efax.

The efax(1) man page has details on resolving problems, setting
up a network fax server and using efax to handle both fax and
data calls.

Ed Casas   edc@xxxxxxx   http://casas.ee.ubc.ca/efax/